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Bridal Shapewear Secrets for Your Wedding Day

Shapewear Secrets for Your Wedding Day with Shapellx 

Have you ever seen a bride? She’s usually the most stressed one. That’s because they are focusing on all the little details, ranging from room setting to venue and seating to dress. When it comes to dress, you cannot forget about the shapewear. You can get a smooth, confident shape under your dream dress with the help of shapewear. 

Our first stop in the world of wedding shapewear is Shapellx, a brand known for making comfortable and unique styles. So, if you want to know the insider tips on how to make your body look hot and slim on wedding day, we are sharing some details about it!


Picking the Best Shapewear According to Wedding Dress

The shapewear will always be according to the design and style of your wedding dress. So, we are sharing some common types of wedding dresses and the best shapewear according to that.

If you have a ball gown with a full skirt, a sustainable shapewear can help. Shapellx has choices with bras designed for extra support and a smoother look. 

Mermaid or Fit-and-Flare

This style fits close to the body and then flares out from the knee. Your hourglass shape will look better in a mid-thigh bodysuit with focused compression. Shapellx comes in different amounts of compression so you can find the right level of comfort for you. 



This style looks good on everyone and goes well with either a bodysuit or a high-waisted short. You can also opt for a butt lifting underwear. Shapellx fabrics that let air pass through them will keep you cool and comfy all night. 


For a sheath dress, you need a smooth shapewear option. For a smooth, undetectable finish, choose a thong or a swimsuit with a back that runs out. Shapellx has a range of shapewear in different shades of neoprene to make it look great with your skin. 


Shapellx Features

Shapewear for wedding dress does more than just reduce. Their shapewear has features that are especially made for brides:

  • Lightweight and Breathable Fabrics

Say goodbye to shapewear that is too tight and awkward. Shapellx uses materials that are light, airy, and mould to your body without feeling tight. 

  • No Seams

When there are no seams in the shapewear, you can be assured about the comfort. it will also ensure that your dress doesn’t have visible lines. 

  • Bra Support

Many Shapellx bodysuits have bra support, so you don't need a separate bra. This makes your pants easier to put on. 

  • Open Gusset Design

Being a bride doesn’t mean that you won’t have to use the restroom. For that, this brand is using the open gusset design. 

Everyone knows that women take a lot of stress for their wedding days and how they will look. Some of them even undergo months of dieting to achieve their weight goals. However, to instantly give a good shape to the body, don’t forget shapewear!  

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  1. Can you imagine, looking perfect in a wedding dress with a flawless body shape. I really want that.

  2. Prefect! Pas acara pernikahan tampilan makin sempurna dengan adanya sertifikat shapewear. Membantu sekali memaksimalkan performa sang pengantin perempuan ya

  3. Wedding day memang harus tampil maksimal. Tidak hanya sebagai pengantin, tapi juga sebagai pengantar, sebagai tamu undangan. Siapa tahu bagi yang single bisa dapat jodoh di saat kondangan. hihi

  4. women must be looking perfect at their wedding day, so shapewear can be the best solution for women with a plus size

  5. i think the open gusset design is a perfect idea for bride,so she can use the rest room anytime she want

  6. Wow! Fascinating! The bride will indeed look more beautiful wearing the bodyshape one

  7. A wedding party can be a happy moment for the bride, therefore, in preparation for the wedding, taking care of your body can be an option to look perfect at the wedding party, or another option can also be to use a bodysuit/shapewear according to your body size.

  8. The appeal of shapewear is that it goes unseen, smoothing out not just lumps and bumps but things like visible knicker-lines and the ridge of a bra band too.

  9. The best shapewear can helping the bride very confidence with her wedding day. Nice shapewear material for nice wedding day

  10. penting juga ya buat milih shapewear yang nyaman untuk pernikahan. aku jadi mikirin juga nih haha

  11. Wedding moment is not only an event, this is a special moment in life. It should be well prepared in everything, including what you are wearing in.

  12. Wedding day jadi momen berkesan pastinya ya, sehingga kudu ciamik dalam persiapan outfitnya. Bisa dengan shapewear ini untuk mendukung penampilan lebih berkesan

  13. It was really happy because on women's special day, She could look the best using Shapellx. This is what a woman needs to make unforgettable moment.

  14. Wedding day harus tampil maksimal
    Kudu all out biar tampil oke
    Pakai shapewear salah satu caranya


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